Sonya Thomas is "The Black Widow" of Competitive Eating: 39 World Records ...

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Some of my Competitive Eating Trophies
2015 is my 13th year as "The Black Widow!"

2015-12-12: ADDED: FAQ 79: AFTER  MORE THAN A DOZEN YEARS OF EATING COMPETITIVELY, HAVE YOU NOTICED ANY CHANGES IN YOUR HEALTH AND PHYSIOLOGY, AND IF SO, WHAT EFFECT DOES THAT HAVE ON YOUR EATING ABILITY?  Sure, there have been some changes, physiologically, but my health remains fine.  I have never had a need for any kind of medication, whatsoever.  My blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, etc. are all fine.  However, more related to competitive eating, over the past couple of years it has become more difficult to swallow quickly.  It's like my body saying, "Hey, give me a break!" After forcing things down my esophagus so quickly for so many contests, my body is fighting back.  It's watching out for me.  Also, as I've gotten older my metabolism has slowed a little bit, not a lot, but some.  One thing that hasn't changed is my stomach capacity.  It's still there, but in a timed contest of 10 minutes or less it doesn't come into play.  The last time I was close to being full after a contest was after oysters earlier this year, as I only had room for another 5 or 6 dozen, or so.   

2015-09-25: ADDED: FAQ 78: SONYA, WHAT PREPARATION ADVICE CAN YOU GIVE AN ASPIRING COMPETITIVE EATER?  I am not the best person to ask about preparation, since I do not practice at all.  Any talent I might have is only natural ability.  So, I can only say, be safe at all cost, and if you must practice, be sure to have an EMT standing by.